Allow UTC as server time

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Please allow for the use of UTC for server time as GMT/London changes to UTC+1 in late March.


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Trog Darth

Would you consider adding CEST and CET? It abstract the need of understanding from users which tz they are now, especially around when DST changes.



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Heya, just as a note, if you select GMT/UTC on the timezone selection page, it will choose a GMT location that stays UTC+0 all year round.

That being said, I'll mark this as planned. It'll be nice to have events display as 'UTC' instead of 'GMT', even if they are equal for all intents and purposes.



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Tom Aka

Hi Domorin and friends,

selsin (Tom) here. We didnt speak since long time. Hope you remember me. Was one of the first which shares my opinions and ideas to make this bot better. I see you grow and did well. Happy for you. I will share now some stuff in different available or new tickets here and will use this entree text for the ones too (than you know who asked and remind me and hopefully build in my ideas soon as you always did in past because they always good^^)

So lets start

i still miss UTC (in some games they use UTC in game time) wich is worldwide the same even in her country its for example 20 PM and here 01:00 am.

with this UTC everyone has the same time as he can see this "UTC in game time" in his game option, example guns of glory. So it would be great to add this UTC, currently its here in germany 01:11 AM and in game 23:11 PM