Further Google Calendar Sync Improvements


Working on bugfixes, tweaks, and additional features for the newly launched direct Google Calendar integration


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I know you posted some kind of planned list but I cannot find it for now... Sorry if these are already planned.

1. Allow a default "always ping this role/user" on events created from google calendars.

2. Add some type of HTML parser so it either gets converted to markdown before posting on discord, or is stripped entirely to prevent this sort of mess (see image).

3. Append a link to the "more information" url (from the original google calendar) to the end of the event description (or add a separate field for it in the embed). Use this as a stopgap measure until suggestion 2 is possible.

4. Tell sesh what timezone the originating calendar is in, so it can convert correctly to the discord server's timezone before posting.
See: discord.com/channels/616750784087982109/669646848939524097/1088318442924429352

Super low priority asks:
- Automatically choose post's embed color from google calendar's event color.

- Change the footer information to say that the event was created by [calendar name] instead of the discord user.
(or use the original "event created by" information on the originating gcal).

- If an image is in a gcal event, make that the image for the sesh event (or automatically choose the first image in the gcal description for this... as a toggleable setting)
- - On that note, a "default image" for sesh event posts would also be cool.

- Ability to either filter which calendar events get posted to discord, and/or ability to sync from multiple gcal calendars to discord.

- In control panel, give an actual url to the gcal we're using instead of just displaying the name.

- Can't see the settings anymore so can't remember if this is possible or not, but add the ability to sync from (only one direction) a gcal we do not own.

Edit: this is Vars on Discord, btw

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Status changed to: In Progress