Lock event RSVPs x time before an event


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This is really a must have feature for good planing, we use the bot for our Airsoft association and some playfields require you to sign up X Days before the play day or for some bigger events you need to buy a ticket beforehand, so i am really looking forward to this feature :)


Joshua Watt

Within my group, we use Sesh to sign up for our events, however, we have a limit of signing up until the last 5 minutes before the event, so we can easily track who attends and who doesn't.
It would be great if in sesh you could set a time frame before the event starts that would allow you to cut off the RVSPing of users.



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But leave the calendar listing of attendees and their times visible.



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Zank Apfel

We'd really appreciate that feature to lock the event registration and maintain the RSVP as excately discribed 6 months ago. As it's already available for poll I hope it can be implemented soon! It would be soooo helpful for us!!


This virtually matches our use-case too. We'd really like to be able to lock the event and maintain the RSVP list as that point in time.


+1 for this

It would be great to be able to :

- Lock an event to prevent changes to RSVP's at a given date/time
- Manually lock an event to prevent changes to RSVP's

As background - we create events to allow members to sign up, typically with a limited number of spaces. A certain point before the event, we'll manually allocate RSVP's to attending / reserve list. Our problem is that if people then make rsvp changes to the original event, we don't always pick them up. Locking the event would prevent people from doing that (and force them to actually speak to a real person to sort it out)